6 Tips for Ergonomic Driving

Whether you’re driving home from work or driving across the country, how you sit in the car has a large effect on your body. Paying attention to “car ergonomics” can help you avoid painful and annoying back, shoulder, and neck pain.

S. Thompson via Associated Content writes a useful article on How to Drive Comfortably on Long Road Trips. Here are the main tips covered in the article:

  • When you sit down, you should be close enough to reach the pedals comfortably, but not so close that the steering wheel is in your lap.
  • Your thighs should be comfortably supported by the seat base, but not so long that the backs of your knees are touching the edge.
  • Your knees should be higher than your hips and that the height of your backrest is proportioned to the tops of your shoulders.
  • Your back should be fitted to the back rest. Sit so that your back, hips and buttocks are pressed firmly against the seat, and so that your seat belt fits correctly across your front.
  • Be sure that you don’t adjust the wheel too far up so that your line of sight is obscured.
  • While driving, keep your left leg extended next to the pedals (unless you are driving a standard) and use stoplights or traffic to rotate your ankles and increase blood flow to your toes.
driving steering wheel car
Photo by Ben McLeod

Does anyone have any other tips?

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