Abs Diet Prevents Carpal Tunnel and Back Pain

I started reading the Abs Diet, which promotes a diet and exercise program designed to remove fat and build muscles, especially in the midsection. According to the Abs Diet, having strong abs leads to living a healthier, longer life free from back pain and injury.

A Dutch study of nearly 6,000 men found that those with waist circumferences above 40 inches were more likely to have a condition called Sever’s disease, which causes heel pain, and to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Another study showed that 70 percent of people with carpal tunnel syndrome were either overweight or obese.

Since most back pain is related to weak muscles in your trunk, maintaining a strong midsection can help resolve many back issues.

When abdominal muscles are weak, the muscles in your butt and along the backs of your legs have to compensate for the work your abs should be doing. This destabilizes the spine and eventually leads to back pain and strain.

So instead of worrying about finding the perfect chair that will finally solve all your back problems, try losing a little weight and working on your ab muscles.