An Ergonomic BackPack that Generates Electricity

It took a biology professor with an entrepreneurial spirit to find a solution to the problem of heavy backpacks. Dr. Rome invented the Suspended Load Backpack, which uses elastic cords to suspend a backpack from a rigid frame, reducing the energy needed to carry the load and easing the stress on shoulders and joints.

lightningpack.jpg                               lightningpackfigure.jpg

But the Suspended Load Backpack gets even cooler: It actually generates and captures electricity while you walk!

When walking, the Suspended Load Backpack can generate up to 7.4 watts, more than enough power to simultaneously power an MP3 player, night vision goggles (or 3 LED headlamp), a PDA, a CMOS image decoder, a handheld GPS, Bluetooth, and a GSM terminal in talk mode.

“As humans walk, they vault over their extended leg, causing the hip to rise five to seven centimeters on each step. Since a normal backpack is connected to the hip, it must be lifted the five to seven centimeters also,” Dr. Rome said.

“But with the Suspended Load Backpack, the load is not directly connected to hip, making it easier to walk and less strenuous on the back,” he said.

Rome formed Lighting Packs LLC to further develop the Suspended-Load Ergonomic Backpack and bring it to market for everyone form soldiers to school children.