Baby Slings: Top 10 Reasons They Make for Perfect Ergonomic Baby Care

The baby care product industry is a billion dollar industry, producing hundreds of different kinds of strollers, seats, cribs, cradles, pens, gates, chairs, holsters, and harnesses to keep babies safe and contained as parents go about their days.

The funny thing is, there really is only one kind of baby carrier necessary, and it is simple technology that has been used for thousands of years around the world: The baby sling.

The baby sling is just a piece of cloth that can be tied and adjusted in variety of ways to hold the baby (hands free) to the parent’s stomach, hip, or back.

Carrying a baby in a sling is the most ergonomically correct way of carrying an infant. Rather than picking up and putting down a wriggling sack of potatoes, keeping an infant contained in a sling keeps the baby happy and comfortable, which leaves the parent free to attend to other things.

baby slings
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Here is a list of the benefits of baby slings, gathered from several sources:

1. Baby slings provide balanced back support and prevent straining or injuring the parents’ back

2. Baby slings allow for discreet breastfeeding, in a position that is comfortable for mother and child

3. Babies held in slings are held ergonomically correct. Their legs are not forced apart during the crucial development of the soft pelvic cartilage. Because legs are not poked through restricting openings, there is no circulation problem

4. When the baby falls asleep in the sling, it’s easy to remove the sling from the parent and lower the baby gently into his crib without waking it

5. Baby wearing promotes bonding and a sense of security and has even been found to reduce the incidence of postnatal depression

6. The baby’s head is head supported, without any compression applied to its spine or central nervous system

7. Baby slings reinforce positive attachment between parent and child and reduce stress hormones

8. Baby slings enable a child to sleep better, aid digestion, and reduce crying and colic

9. Baby wearing stimulates the infant’s vestibular system, the parts of the inner ear that work like levels or sensors to control the body’s sense of balance

10. Carrying a baby promotes cognitive development and speech development, since babies are exposed to more experiences and conversations

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