Best and Worse Mice of the Year

Results of ExtremeTech’s Ultimate Mouse Smack-Down

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Best General Mouse:
Logitech MX Revolution


Logitech unloaded a bombshell when it released “the world’s most advanced mouse.” We looked past the marketing jargon, gave it a long test drive, and concluded that Logitech was right, and this is by far the best mouse out there, period. Why? It’s almost too hard to describe in few words.

Aside from its laser sensor, range of up to 30 feet, and longer battery time than most cordless mice, the MX has four distinct, new features that could very well change how we navigate through files and programs. At the top of the list of innovations is the huge upgrade to the scroll wheel, which has two modes of operation—line-by-line scrolling and free-spin scrolling. Free-spin scrolling allows the scroll wheel to become a flywheel capable of traversing thousands of spreadsheet rows or hundreds of word-processing pages with a single flick. Other advanced new features are the document quick flip wheel (or button), one-button search, and a zoom slider. All of these buttons could add up to an overload of options, but with Logitech’s software, SetPoint, customizing them to fit your needs is a snap.

The MX also has a very unique and aggressive shape that allows your thumb to nestle inside the mouse, while your fingers comfortably grip the mouse. In this thumb groove you can access the document flip wheel, as well as access two buttons above.

Best and Worst Ergonomic Mice

Best Ergonomic Mouse:
The Zero Tension Mouse

The mouse you should give to your mother, or yourself, and a loved one. It positions your hand in the more natural handshake position, qualifying it as a vertical mouse. Buttons on the side are accessible to your fingers, while a scroll wheel is on top for your thumb.


The key to this being an ergonomic mouse is that it cups the back of your hand which allows you to move it from side to side without gripping the mouse at all. The idea is to reduce the movement of certain hand muscles, particularly in the wrist, that have been led down the path of RSI and other ailments. Given that the hand is locked in and motionless during movement, you’ll have to ask your arm and shoulder to pick up the rest of the slack. Of all the ergonomic mice we’ve reviewed, none have quite impressed us as much as the Zero Tension Mouse.

Worst Ergonomic Mouse:

wow pen

The WOW Pen is great for the traveler on the go with its super slim size, but that doesn’t bode well for ergonomics. It’s coated with a germ free exterior to keep those germies away, but the main culprit is the super slow DPI and lackluster scroll wheel. Again, size matters in this case, and the thing is just too darned small to be healthy for you.