British Rock Group Bäackpain Announces Tour

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), basically the British version of OSHA, announced the launch of its new campaign to raise awareness about backpain in the workplace. This campaign has to be one of the most innovative and interesting ideas ever to come from a government agency. Really, I mean it.

The HSE formed a spoof rock band called ‘Bäackpain’. The band is actually going on tour playing at supermarkets around Britian, and promotes itself (and back pain awareness) on the Bäackpain website as well as their Myspace page equipped with a blog.


In true rockumentary style, their MySpace page illustrates Bäackpain’s rocky past:

The British rock band, Bäackpain consists of Kylie Crouch (vocals), David Bent (bass), Stoop Williams (drums), and Ben Yorney (guitar). The band was at the peak of its popularity in the mid-to-late 1980s, and were set to revolutionise the rock scene with their wild onstage antics, when they were, ironically enough, plagued with a series of back-related issues that put their plans on hold.

The website sneaks subtle back saving tips onto its authentically rockin’ interface. There’s the “exclusive interview” with ex-band roadie Phil Gibbons that disguises tips on heavy lifting, a list of the band’s supporting acts “Lift Me Up Gently,” “Where Are The Risks” and “Tools of the Trade” that are actually articles on workplace safety, and a link to “the best downloads” that turn out to be posters like this one of Bäackpain’s drummer Stoop Williams sitting in an ergonomic chair:


I have to say I love the exucution of this campaign, it is very web2.0. It will be interesting to watch Bäackpain’s story unfold as the campaign continues. I’m already a fan!