Ergonomics is all about equipment

I’m not putting that title down lightly. Check this study out. EXEC Summary: proper ergonomic training is not enough to gain significant improvements in employee standards of working or general productivity. Now check this article. EXEC Summary: posture affects productivity … Continue reading

Stance Angle Chair: Sit to Stand Seating

In addition to the buzz about “active sitting” and “walking while working” now there’s also “sit to stand” seating.  Yet more proof that momentum is buiding to break the chair-and-desk paradigm. Check this out: More on the Stance Angle Chair … Continue reading

Office Ergonomics: What NOT to do

Ergonomics workspace advice often focuses on correct posture and correct set up of the monitor and keyboard. Another way to identify and correct bad ergonomic setups is by looking at what NOT to do. Chris Adams provides a useful set … Continue reading

iGallop: Ride Your Way to Better Health

The iGallop ($400) is a funny looking ‘exercise machine’ available at Brookstone designed to give its users an excellent workout by simulating the action of riding a horse. [youtube=] The principle of iGallop is actually quite similar to the principles … Continue reading

Ball Chairs Inspire ‘Ball Envy’

As a ball-sitting convert, I just can’t get enough ball sitting articles: Excerpts from a WSJ article on the rise of ball chairs in the workplace: Long used by fitness buffs and physical-therapy patients, those big spheres you see at … Continue reading