High Heels: Here to Stay?

My post on the ergonomic nightmare of high heels if one of my most popular and controversial.  I think it is time for a response from me.  This passage in particular has gotten the most negative response from people who … Continue reading

Insolia High Heel Inserts Ease the Pain

High heels are truly an ergonomic nightmare from which some women refuse to awaken. Any podiatrist will tell you that high heels aren’t designed for walking. Great! Women’s shoes aren’t designed for walking…yay…we live in the 21st century! Why high … Continue reading

Big Purse Craze Causing Health Concerns

A current trend for the leading ladies of Hollywood is to weigh less and carry more.  The so-called “big purse craze” has set off a virtual fashion arms race; purses keep getting bigger and bigger.  Oversized handbags have two advantages … Continue reading

Why Tight Pants Are A Health Risk

Perhaps you’ve heard it said before that wearing tight pants can cause infertility in men…maybe that’s why you don’t wear tight pants. According to an alleged scientific study, Swedish men in the 1970s were found to have higher infertility rates … Continue reading

The Ergonomics of Bras

Having strange women prodding at your boobs in order to tell YOU what YOUR bra size is…no thanks! Men can relate to this situation too…imagine some guy fondling your you-know-what and commenting on its size. Well for guys, this situation … Continue reading