6 Tips for Ergonomic Driving

Whether you’re driving home from work or driving across the country, how you sit in the car has a large effect on your body. Paying attention to “car ergonomics” can help you avoid painful and annoying back, shoulder, and neck … Continue reading

Opel Astra Design Flaw

Rowan Manahan writes on This is Broken: So there I was, ready to buy a spanking new Opel Astra convertible for my wife. She had the Hermès headscarf and the Jackie-O sunglasses all ready for a test drive. The Opel … Continue reading

Ergonomic Travel Tips

The holiday travel season upon us. Lines, crowds, heavy luggage, uncomfortable airplanes, traffic…you are familiar with the horror and chaos that awaits you. Airport Crowd Here are a few tips to make your travels a little bit more comfortable: Good … Continue reading

User Friendly Commuting

By the end of the day I am tired, distracted, and I just want to get home! If everyone else is feeling like me, I have to imagine that rush hour is the most dangerous time to be on the … Continue reading