Lance Ulanoff, maybe the problem is YOU

In his recent posts, Lance Ulanoff has been bashing ergonomics. Typically, I take in criticism of ergonomics quite calmly because, to a certain degree, I also doubt the extent to which ergonomics can change the course of a workday. Most … Continue reading

Michael Moore, CNN, Facts & Sicko(s)

I was thinking about what occurred here. And as usual, Michael Moore is going straight for the jugular! I happen to agree with him what he’s saying. Since the topic of ergonomics is directly related to health care, I thought … Continue reading

High Heels: Here to Stay?

My post on the ergonomic nightmare of high heels if one of my most popular and controversial.  I think it is time for a response from me.  This passage in particular has gotten the most negative response from people who … Continue reading

Insolia High Heel Inserts Ease the Pain

High heels are truly an ergonomic nightmare from which some women refuse to awaken. Any podiatrist will tell you that high heels aren’t designed for walking. Great! Women’s shoes aren’t designed for walking…yay…we live in the 21st century! Why high … Continue reading

Ergonomics and Labor Today

Richard W. Marklin Jr. lops branches, shovels clay, carves 30-pound cattle femurs, pulls 270-pound manhole covers and studies the workers who make their living performing these tasks. The 50-year-old professor in Marquette University’s mechanical engineering department examines the way we … Continue reading