Big Purse Craze Causing Health Concerns

A current trend for the leading ladies of Hollywood is to weigh less and carry more.  The so-called “big purse craze” has set off a virtual fashion arms race; purses keep getting bigger and bigger.  Oversized handbags have two advantages … Continue reading

Ergonomic Nightmare of the Week: Christmas

Christmas is a time of togetherness and giving and joy and all that good stuff. But Christmas time can also be an ergonomic nightmare. Think about it: Christmas travel (crowds, lost baggage, lines, uncomfortable seating, stress) Bending down to cut … Continue reading

The Internet and the Elderly

For many of us, browsing the Internet has become a daily task that we carry out with the same unconscious ease as channel surfing from our couch. The meaning of words like URL and Homepage are as obvious to us … Continue reading

The Ergonomics of the Toilet

According to the creators of Nature’s Platform, the every day act of sitting on the toilet is not an ergonomically natural position and can lead to serious damage to the pelvic organs. This article on the history of the toilet … Continue reading

Computers and Kids

Ergoweb reports: Young people of the digital age need to know how to prevent pain from using their tools and toys. A new ergonomics campaign and web site shows them the way. Many everyday activities of today’s youngsters – texting, … Continue reading