Ergonomic Products for Home and Garden

I write a lot about ergonomics in the office…but what about at home, in the kitchen, around the house, or in the garden? Just because you’re not sitting at a computer anymore doesn’t mean another ergonomic nightmare isn’t lurking just … Continue reading

Taxes and Filing Made Easy

Last weekend I attempted to do my taxes. Even with TurboTax, it was an absolute nightmare going through my poorly organized files of receipts, payment stubs, medical bills, tuition and loan papers, and investment confirmations. There were some things I … Continue reading

Micro Compact Home: Can We Live in a Box?

A team of researchers and designers based in London and at the Technical University in Munich developed the Micro Compact Home as an answer to an increasing demand for short stay living for students, business people, sports and leisure use … Continue reading

Sore Neck? Try a New Pillow

Recently I have woken up every day with an incredibly sore neck. Since I usually sleep the same way, I was wondering if my pillow was the problem. explains how sleeping position and the right pillow can alleviate sore … Continue reading