Is Your Office Space Making You Sick?

I came across this great infographic on germs in the office workplace, well worth a look. Funny anecdote: Mens work spaces are 20% dirtier than women’s! At least 50% of Americans eat lunch and snack at their desks and one-third … Continue reading

Best Tips for Ergonomics in the Office

If you spend all day working at a computer in an office, you are at risk for debilitating pain such as back pain and head aches or even permanent injury like carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress disorders. Fortunately, there … Continue reading

Lance Ulanoff, maybe the problem is YOU

In his recent posts, Lance Ulanoff has been bashing ergonomics. Typically, I take in criticism of ergonomics quite calmly because, to a certain degree, I also doubt the extent to which ergonomics can change the course of a workday. Most … Continue reading

Ergonomics is all about equipment

I’m not putting that title down lightly. Check this study out. EXEC Summary: proper ergonomic training is not enough to gain significant improvements in employee standards of working or general productivity. Now check this article. EXEC Summary: posture affects productivity … Continue reading