Ergonomic Evaluation Man Saves the Day

[youtube=] ‘A class project for Human Resource Management about ergonomics. A villain infiltrates a corporation and tries to make it ergonomically misfit. Ergonomic Evaluation Man saves the day!’ This video is hilarious and really well done.  Sit back and relax … Continue reading

Stance Angle Chair: Sit to Stand Seating

In addition to the buzz about “active sitting” and “walking while working” now there’s also “sit to stand” seating.  Yet more proof that momentum is buiding to break the chair-and-desk paradigm. Check this out: More on the Stance Angle Chair … Continue reading

Ergonomic Solution: Cable Organizers

I previously blogged about the ergonomic nightmare of electrical outlets. I got to thinking, it’s not just outlets to blame, but cables and cords as well. The tangling mess that ensues is a dust trap, an eyesore, as well as … Continue reading

Office Ergonomics: What NOT to do

Ergonomics workspace advice often focuses on correct posture and correct set up of the monitor and keyboard. Another way to identify and correct bad ergonomic setups is by looking at what NOT to do. Chris Adams provides a useful set … Continue reading

3 Hidden Costs of Office Ergonomics

“We did an independent survey with one firm and found that 60 per cent of the reasons that people gave for leaving that firm were to do with their core workplace environment,” recalls Nick Cook, managing director at consultancy Haywards. … Continue reading