Ball Chairs Inspire ‘Ball Envy’

As a ball-sitting convert, I just can’t get enough ball sitting articles: Excerpts from a WSJ article on the rise of ball chairs in the workplace: Long used by fitness buffs and physical-therapy patients, those big spheres you see at … Continue reading

Walking While Working

In a previous post I mentioned that it would be ideal if it were possible to get an aerobic workout while using the computer. Little did I know that there is a movement underway that allows us to do just … Continue reading

Office Chairs Are Fun Afterall

Boring, unergonomic office chairs still have a purpose after all: [youtube=] Taking a break to get away from the computer and goof off a little bit is actually a great way to avoid computer related injuries.  This guy looks like … Continue reading

Victim of Desk Rage

[youtube=] Computers are not our friends! Cubicles are a living hell! This video is a perfect example of desk rage