Buttons Buttons and More Buttons

If it has the word ‘button’ in it, it’s a good blog.  At least that seems to be the case in my experience so far.  I recently came across two excellent interaction design blogs,  “The History of the Button” and “Upressable … Continue reading

Lance Ulanoff, maybe the problem is YOU

In his recent posts, Lance Ulanoff has been bashing ergonomics. Typically, I take in criticism of ergonomics quite calmly because, to a certain degree, I also doubt the extent to which ergonomics can change the course of a workday. Most … Continue reading

Apple iPhone: Usable…Is it?

After watching David Pogue’s review of the iPhone–it does pay to be a famous gadget reviewer because you’re always getting the latest and greatest well before it hits market–I realized that I’m just not sure how great of an innovation … Continue reading

Microsoft Surface: Better Than Pac Man?

I have to agree with doane paper, Microsoft’s new touchschreen interface, Surface, may well be the future of human computer interaction, but it has an “old school” design flaw…straining the neck to look down at the screen is not ergonomic! … Continue reading