Walking While Working

In a previous post I mentioned that it would be ideal if it were possible to get an aerobic workout while using the computer. Little did I know that there is a movement underway that allows us to do just … Continue reading

Victim of Desk Rage

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILIvquPQSc0] Computers are not our friends! Cubicles are a living hell! This video is a perfect example of desk rage

Washable Keyboards and Mice

I just came across a company called Unotron that makes keyboards and mice that you can actually wash with soap and water in the sink!  I never knew that such a thing was possible…why aren’t all keyboards washable?  It just … Continue reading

The Internet and the Elderly

For many of us, browsing the Internet has become a daily task that we carry out with the same unconscious ease as channel surfing from our couch. The meaning of words like URL and Homepage are as obvious to us … Continue reading

Computers and Kids

Ergoweb reports: Young people of the digital age need to know how to prevent pain from using their tools and toys. A new ergonomics campaign and web site shows them the way. Many everyday activities of today’s youngsters – texting, … Continue reading