Ergonomics in the 80s

[youtube=] This video is from an episode of 3-2-1 Contact…remember that show? A guy with big hair and glasses tries to rearrange his kitchen more ergonomically using computer aided design modelling. A graduate student at an ergonomics lab helps show … Continue reading

Mac and Windows Face Off

The most recent Apple ad campaign depicting Macs as young, hip, and streamlined, next to tired old Windows is representive of years of bickering between Apple and Microsoft. Much like the blue state/red state divide, most of us are aligned … Continue reading

Usability at the Polls

When many voters of all ages go out to vote today, what will they find? For many voters, especially non-technically savvy senior citizens, the situation might be a bit scary, and their local poll workers will likely be of little … Continue reading

AlphaGrip: AIM Junkie Assistant

The video below is a homemade commercial made by the inventor of the AlphaGrip, a handheld device designed to roll a keyboard and mouse all into one game-controller-like package so users can “instant message from bed.” [youtube=] The inventor uses … Continue reading