Bad Office Ergonomics: Do Not Try This At Home

This is proof that bad ergonomic work habits can have disastrous consequences [youtube=] Ok, it was fake…but the point remains the same.  And at least you got a good laugh.

Ergonomic Nightmare of the Week: Christmas

Christmas is a time of togetherness and giving and joy and all that good stuff. But Christmas time can also be an ergonomic nightmare. Think about it: Christmas travel (crowds, lost baggage, lines, uncomfortable seating, stress) Bending down to cut … Continue reading

Ergonomics in the 80s

[youtube=] This video is from an episode of 3-2-1 Contact…remember that show? A guy with big hair and glasses tries to rearrange his kitchen more ergonomically using computer aided design modelling. A graduate student at an ergonomics lab helps show … Continue reading

Why Tight Pants Are A Health Risk

Perhaps you’ve heard it said before that wearing tight pants can cause infertility in men…maybe that’s why you don’t wear tight pants. According to an alleged scientific study, Swedish men in the 1970s were found to have higher infertility rates … Continue reading

The Ergonomic Mouse Pad for Men

I recently came across the Chest Rest, a mousepad with an ergonomic gel wrist support in the form of well…a woman’s chest. The Japanese company offers a line of mousepads featuring an array of well endowed Hentai babes that just … Continue reading

The Ergonomics of Bras

Having strange women prodding at your boobs in order to tell YOU what YOUR bra size is…no thanks! Men can relate to this situation too…imagine some guy fondling your you-know-what and commenting on its size. Well for guys, this situation … Continue reading