Lance Ulanoff, maybe the problem is YOU

In his recent posts, Lance Ulanoff has been bashing ergonomics. Typically, I take in criticism of ergonomics quite calmly because, to a certain degree, I also doubt the extent to which ergonomics can change the course of a workday. Most … Continue reading

Battle of the Trackballs

I have been a fan of the trackball concept for several years since I bought my Logitech Marble Mouse. It is a great low cost ($20) ergonomic solution to the wrist pain associated with using traditional mice. What’s different about … Continue reading

Mouse Review: Microsoft’s Laser 6000

Extreme Tech reviewed the Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser 6000 mouse. Here are some excerpts about its ergonomics: Its large sculpted thumb groove and curved right- and left-click buttons help guide the right hand into a diagonal position. We say “diagonal” … Continue reading

Washable Keyboards and Mice

I just came across a company called Unotron that makes keyboards and mice that you can actually wash with soap and water in the sink!  I never knew that such a thing was possible…why aren’t all keyboards washable?  It just … Continue reading