Interview with Ergonomics Expert Alex Charish

This an informative, funny, and interesting interview that cuts through the hype and misinformation surrounding ergonomics, ergonomic products, and the causes of repetitive motion injuries. There are lots of nuggets in this video, well worth watching. [youtube=]

Mouse Gestures: The Ergonomic Firefox Addon

Mouse Gestures is a Firefox Addon (a free application that works with your Firefox browser) created by Optimoz to help users streamline common Internet browsing actions such as opening/closing new tabs, windows, and links, scrolling, going forward/back a page, and … Continue reading

The Ergonomic Mouse Pad for Men

I recently came across the Chest Rest, a mousepad with an ergonomic gel wrist support in the form of well…a woman’s chest. The Japanese company offers a line of mousepads featuring an array of well endowed Hentai babes that just … Continue reading