7 Backpack Safety Tips

In the last decade or so, many schools have removed lockers in order to save money.  Ultimately, students suffer because of this.  It is not uncommon for kids to lug 40 pound behemoths on their backs all day long (I … Continue reading

Kids With Big Backpacks

Originally uploaded by Beth Rousseau We start so young, it’s no wonder we all have bad backs!

Computers and Kids

Ergoweb reports: Young people of the digital age need to know how to prevent pain from using their tools and toys. A new ergonomics campaign and web site shows them the way. Many everyday activities of today’s youngsters – texting, … Continue reading

Ergonomic Dental Care for Kids (and Adults)

Ergonomics is the science of people-machine relationships. An ergonomically designed product is in harmony with a person’s body, mind, or actions. So what does an ergonomic product for kids look like? The Tooth Tunes toothbrush from Hasbro is a great … Continue reading