3 Hidden Costs of Office Ergonomics

“We did an independent survey with one firm and found that 60 per cent of the reasons that people gave for leaving that firm were to do with their core workplace environment,” recalls Nick Cook, managing director at consultancy Haywards. … Continue reading

Ergonomics and Labor Today

Richard W. Marklin Jr. lops branches, shovels clay, carves 30-pound cattle femurs, pulls 270-pound manhole covers and studies the workers who make their living performing these tasks. The 50-year-old professor in Marquette University’s mechanical engineering department examines the way we … Continue reading

Desk Rage: A Macroergonomic Problem

Ergonomics is not just about how an individual interacts with an object. The field of organizational or macroergonomics looks at organizational structures and sociotechnical systems. In other words, how groups of people interact with each other in a work environment. … Continue reading