Ergonomic Solution: Cable Organizers

I previously blogged about the ergonomic nightmare of electrical outlets. I got to thinking, it’s not just outlets to blame, but cables and cords as well. The tangling mess that ensues is a dust trap, an eyesore, as well as … Continue reading

iGallop: Ride Your Way to Better Health

The iGallop ($400) is a funny looking ‘exercise machine’ available at Brookstone designed to give its users an excellent workout by simulating the action of riding a horse. [youtube=] The principle of iGallop is actually quite similar to the principles … Continue reading

Banana Ergonomics

Bananas are among the most widely consumed foods in the world, and are a major staple food crop for millions of people in developing countries. In most tropical countries unripe bananas are used for cooking. Cooking bananas are very similar … Continue reading

The Ergonomics of the Toilet

According to the creators of Nature’s Platform, the every day act of sitting on the toilet is not an ergonomically natural position and can lead to serious damage to the pelvic organs. This article on the history of the toilet … Continue reading

The PenAgain Takes the World By Storm

When I first came across the PenAgain while surfing the net for interesting ergonomic products, I thought, “this looks cool.” I put this image in my gallery and didn’t think much more about it. Imagine my surprise when I saw … Continue reading