Battle of the Trackballs

I have been a fan of the trackball concept for several years since I bought my Logitech Marble Mouse. It is a great low cost ($20) ergonomic solution to the wrist pain associated with using traditional mice. What’s different about … Continue reading

Ergonomic Products for Home and Garden

I write a lot about ergonomics in the office…but what about at home, in the kitchen, around the house, or in the garden? Just because you’re not sitting at a computer anymore doesn’t mean another ergonomic nightmare isn’t lurking just … Continue reading

Ergonomic Evaluation Man Saves the Day

[youtube=] ‘A class project for Human Resource Management about ergonomics. A villain infiltrates a corporation and tries to make it ergonomically misfit. Ergonomic Evaluation Man saves the day!’ This video is hilarious and really well done.  Sit back and relax … Continue reading

6 Tips for Ergonomic Driving

Whether you’re driving home from work or driving across the country, how you sit in the car has a large effect on your body. Paying attention to “car ergonomics” can help you avoid painful and annoying back, shoulder, and neck … Continue reading

Stance Angle Chair: Sit to Stand Seating

In addition to the buzz about “active sitting” and “walking while working” now there’s also “sit to stand” seating.  Yet more proof that momentum is buiding to break the chair-and-desk paradigm. Check this out: More on the Stance Angle Chair … Continue reading

Ergonomic Solution: Cable Organizers

I previously blogged about the ergonomic nightmare of electrical outlets. I got to thinking, it’s not just outlets to blame, but cables and cords as well. The tangling mess that ensues is a dust trap, an eyesore, as well as … Continue reading