Buttons Buttons and More Buttons

If it has the word ‘button’ in it, it’s a good blog.  At least that seems to be the case in my experience so far.  I recently came across two excellent interaction design blogs,  “The History of the Button” and “Upressable … Continue reading

Apple iPhone: Usable…Is it?

After watching David Pogue’s review of the iPhone–it does pay to be a famous gadget reviewer because you’re always getting the latest and greatest well before it hits market–I realized that I’m just not sure how great of an innovation … Continue reading

Usability Matters: Web Sites That Suck

With his 1996 launch of WebPagesThatSuck.com, Vincent Flanders has been a pioneer in the field of website usability. WebPagesThatSuck.com became an extremely popular destination on the web, winning a number of awards including one of PC Magazine’s Top 100 Web … Continue reading