Skype Mouse: Does it Make Sense?

I commented in my last post that many of the highly lauded features of the iPhone don’t’ really make any practical sense. In this post, I’d like to explore that a bit more because it seems like a lot of … Continue reading

Ergonomic Evaluation Man Saves the Day

[youtube=] ‘A class project for Human Resource Management about ergonomics. A villain infiltrates a corporation and tries to make it ergonomically misfit. Ergonomic Evaluation Man saves the day!’ This video is hilarious and really well done.  Sit back and relax … Continue reading

iGallop: Ride Your Way to Better Health

The iGallop ($400) is a funny looking ‘exercise machine’ available at Brookstone designed to give its users an excellent workout by simulating the action of riding a horse. [youtube=] The principle of iGallop is actually quite similar to the principles … Continue reading

Usability Matters: Web Sites That Suck

With his 1996 launch of, Vincent Flanders has been a pioneer in the field of website usability. became an extremely popular destination on the web, winning a number of awards including one of PC Magazine’s Top 100 Web … Continue reading

Opel Astra Design Flaw

Rowan Manahan writes on This is Broken: So there I was, ready to buy a spanking new Opel Astra convertible for my wife. She had the Hermès headscarf and the Jackie-O sunglasses all ready for a test drive. The Opel … Continue reading

Office Chairs Are Fun Afterall

Boring, unergonomic office chairs still have a purpose after all: [youtube=] Taking a break to get away from the computer and goof off a little bit is actually a great way to avoid computer related injuries.  This guy looks like … Continue reading

Victim of Desk Rage

[youtube=] Computers are not our friends! Cubicles are a living hell! This video is a perfect example of desk rage