Chairs of the Future will be Smarter than People

Orthopedic surgeon Alexy Kosik and a team of Russian designers have completed the initial design of a futuristic office chair dubbed the “smart chair.” Equipped with an on board computer, users simply sit in the chair and start their work day. The smart chair works hard all day too; it automatically senses and tracks your body positions and temperatures, then adjusts the arm rests, back position, computer monitor, mouse and keyboard positions and even heats or cools the temperature of the chair to keep your body at maximum comfort throughout the day without any effort on your part. Besides providing a solution to office warriors, the smart chair has applications for people with disabilities.

The smart chair sounds like an expensive, space age gadget that we will not be seeing in offices everywhere any time soon… But I can imagine home-based busines owners or hard core computer gamers lounging in the smart chair from morning till night. I think it is actually sort of a scary thought that a chair should adjust to be so comfortable that you never have to get out of it. One of modern society’s negative aspects is that we have become too sedentary; our bodies are not adapted to function properly without daily movement. The pains we experience from sitting too long is our bodies’ way of telling us to get up and walk around!

I was not able to find a picture of the smart chair and I would love to see one. I could potentially see myself owning a smart chair. On the other hand, do I really want a chair that is smarter than me? What do you think…is the smart chair a good idea or a bad idea?

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