New Logitech Laptop Stands and a Cool New Contributor!

I’ll start with the new contributor since that’s me and I love talking about myself.

Adria asked me to join the Ergonomenon team to help deepen some of the great posting that’s been going on, help reach out to all the readers (who we cherish and don’t get to spend enough time responding to!), as well as add something that even after a million years Adria could not provide: a dude’s perspective.

That being said, let’s get to the gadgets!

I’ve been using the ilap laptop stand for some time. I had been relegated by my employer to a laptop for all work. After a couple of months, I found I had a severely weakened wrist (from cramming it at a weird angle to use the “convenient” mouse pad) as well as unusually sore shoulders. (my old compaq). Here’s my laptop. It sucked, so I definitely do not recommend it. The ilap helped quite a bit—and Adria was excited to see I wasn’t keeping the laptop directly on my lap any more (deep down she does hope to have children one day).

So, with the unveiling of Logitech’s new Alto line, I have to admit I’m quite excited to give them a whirl. I have been using Logitech peripherals for a number of years and find that they really do design products that are meant to be used for hours at a time. My first gaming mouse was from Logitech and my mouse at home is a Logitech.

From the looks of the new design, my only beef is the designs are not “lap-friendly”. I can let that requirement go because the goal for these new laptop stands was not for use on the laps. The Alto-series were specifically designed to address the business challenge (and injury-risk-rate) of using a laptop as a main desktop computer. (I see this happening all the time since Laptops make perfect business sense for those needing a mobile work force that will also be operating out of a main office—or any office for that matter.)

alto express logitech laptop altoexpresssideview.jpg

Alto Express

As you can see, these stands will definitely raise the computer screen to a natural eye level—which is probably more important than some realize for reducing back strain. Also, the angle—and I think there’s a bit of passive aggressive design here—insists that people use a peripheral keyboard and mouse since nobody could comfortably pound out a report or even a short email with the keyboard at that angle.

That being said, I have no idea what’s up with the Alto Connect. It’s kinda weird looking and I’m wondering if it’s hinged in the middle to make it fold on itself for better portability.

alto connect logitech

Alto Connect

I’ll also give Logitech an A+ on the AltoExpress’s look. It just looks slick. It’s really that type of aesthetic in the computer world that’s elevated Apple over the last 5 years, and I think the same aesthetic desires are directly applicable to the peripheral world. So, it’s cool to see something that’s not just designed with ergonomic-feasibility in mind but also general consumer aesthetics.

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