Ergonomic Dental Care for Kids (and Adults)

Ergonomics is the science of people-machine relationships. An ergonomically designed product is in harmony with a person’s body, mind, or actions. So what does an ergonomic product for kids look like?

The Tooth Tunes toothbrush from Hasbro is a great example of a product designed with how kids think and act. Everybody who has been a kid, or is a parent, knows that toothbrushing is an activity that kids avoid like the plague. How could a toothbrush be designed to make kids brush their teeth better? Make it fun!

Tooth Tunes is a tooth brush designed to make kids want to brush their teeth, and brush them well. The tootbrush sends sound waves through the teeth into the inner ear, in the form of a two minute song. The better you brush, the better the music sounds. This encourages kids to brush diligently for a full two minutes. The toothbrushes come equipped with songs from popular artists like Kelly Clarkson and Black Eyed Peas.

Dr. Ed McLaren, D.D.S. of the UCLA School of Dentistry agrees, “I personally use TOOTH TUNES because it’s the only toothbrush I’ve seen that makes you really want to brush for two minutes. Plus, it encourages better brushing: If you brush well, you get great sound! TOOTH TUNES is the best new product in oral care that I have seen in years.”

I wish I had a Tooth Tunes when I was growing up. Maybe I wouldn’t have gotten so many cavities!