Ergonomic Gaming with the Nintendo Wii

I missed the boat on the Wii for now. No longer available at my local Target or Walmart, and now going for up to $1000 on ebay, I think I’ll have to wait.

But according to the videos I’ve seen so far on Youtube of Wii users, the user base that Nintendo intended to capture with their new system has indeed been captured. Girls, little kids, moms, and older people can all be seen jumping and flailing their arms around enthusiastically.

Wii players certainly create a whole new type of gamer than the thumb-tapping couch-potato variety. I think parents everywhere that have been losing the “can’t you just go out and play?” battle for years can finally reach common ground with their kids about the Wii. The Wii maybe a video game console, but it can really make you sweat.

In terms of just getting you off the couch, raising your heartbeat, and encouraging movement of the whole body, I think the Wii is definitely an ergonomic revolution for computers/game consoles. I’m not sure how ergonomic the buttons on the actual controller are, and the wire connecting the two parts of the controller looks like it gets tangled during play, but for a totally new concept Nintendo has made a bold step in the right direction.


Cute 4 year old girl plays the Wii


Two teenage guys boxing with the Wii