Ergonomic Nightmare of the Week: Christmas

Christmas is a time of togetherness and giving and joy and all that good stuff. But Christmas time can also be an ergonomic nightmare. Think about it:

Christmas travel (crowds, lost baggage, lines, uncomfortable seating, stress)

Bending down to cut the Christmas tree and awkwardly strapping it to the car

Getting up on a teetering ladder to put up Christmas lights and decorations

Extra time spent in the car doing endless Christmas shopping

Standing in line for an hour at the post office to send off last minute gifts

Fighting your way through crowded malls and stores. On Christmas Eve I saw a woman accidently bump another woman with her shopping cart. The woman that got bumped went crazy and ran after the other woman, then preceded to slam her shopping cart into the woman’s back

Bending down on the floor and wrapping presents. Getting that perfect curl to the ribbon could give anyone carpal tunnel

Opening gifts enclosed in impossible to open packaging

Aren’t you glad it’s over!


Watch this toddler get attacked by his Christmas present