Ergonomic Nightmare of the Week: Standing Room Seats on Airplanes

I am starting a new weekly posting series on The Ergonomenon, titled “ergonomic nightmare of the week.” I invite you all to submit pictures or stories of the most frightening ergonomic nightmare you experience or hear about.

This week’s feature is a rollercoaster seat:
That’s what this picture seems to depict, at least. But these are not rollercoaster seats, they are actually a proposed idea for “standing room seats” on airplanes. Airbus allegedly pitched the idea to Asian carriers for short haul flights. Airbus claims that they abandoned the idea and that claims to the contrary are false.

Whether or not we will be seeing rollercoaster sytle seating on airplanes in the future, I have to label the idea an ergonomic nightmare because, a) it can’t possibly be comfortable to “sit” in this position for anymore than 5 minutes, and b) cramming more people onto airplanes is a horrible idea.