Ergonomic Products for Home and Garden

I write a lot about ergonomics in the office…but what about at home, in the kitchen, around the house, or in the garden? Just because you’re not sitting at a computer anymore doesn’t mean another ergonomic nightmare isn’t lurking just around the corner. Here are a couple cool products to help complete household chores more ergonomically:

In the kitchen:

Stirex pistol grip ergonomic knives available from ergosource

stirex ergonomic pistol grip knife

The ergonomic knife handles are designed to allow a worker use of the larger muscle groups of the forearm and upper arm. The handle design also allows an improved power grip which can aid in the reduction of excessive grip force.

In the garden:

Fist Grip Tools available at lifewithease
fist grip ergonomic garden tool

The unique handle design helps prevent injury to the hand and wrist, with a ‘Natural Grip’.

Around the house:
The omop available at target

omop method ergonomic swiffer mop

omop ergonomic mopomop ergonomic mop

Trendcentral says: You may be tempted to cheat on your Swiffer with their new ergonomically correct omop that comes with a washable microfiber mop pad (so you no longer have to spend a fortune on those disposable mop-head contraptions). Your back, bank account and the environment will all thank you.

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