ErgoQuest and Nethrone Change How We Use Computers

The $4,000 Ergoquest workstation from Office Organix supports up to 400 pounds and comes with motorized legs and tilt platforms, allowing you to work standing up, in a recliner, or even in bed.

Some commenters on Gizmodo said about the Ergoquest:

“Looks very awkward and uncomfortable”

“They forgot the arm props”

I agree; for $4000 I would expect a better looking design than this. Especially from a product that dares to put “ergo” in its name. Nevertheless, with recent research telling us to lean back instead of sitting up straight I wouldn’ t be surprised if products like the Ergoquest suddenly become popular.

I wrote about a similar product, called the Nethrone, which costs considerably less ($1800) and looks like a much better design to me.


I predict these are just the first of many products that will enable computer use in alternative positions. It’s great that companies are trying to break away from the computer-at-desk scenario, because it has obviously proven to be a less than ideal ergonomic set up. The next thing I would like to see is a workstation where you can get an aerobic workout while you work.