Evolution of Input: Will We Ever Find the Perfect Mouse?

Interesting article today in the San Francisco Chronicle THE EVOLUTION OF INPUT

Overall, the field of ergonomics is becoming a vast and confusing space, dominated by the likes of Kensington, Microsoft and the Swiss company Logitech.

Ergonomic office products is a crowded market that will be very difficult to break into for a new player like Euro Office, a Swedish company that makes the Trackbar Emotion. Kensington, for instance, introduced its first trackball 24 years ago.

At the same time, real solutions have yet to be found. People are still suffering from computer related injuries.

“Ergonomics is a huge market. We definitely see a higher demand for our products in the future. Even young people playing games in front of a computer need ergonomic tools,” said Tom Pscheidt, global product manager at Kensington.

Laptops are another growing source of business for the ergonomics industry.


Trackbar Emotion

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