Getting around the city easier WITHOUT a car

I don’t know how many of you readers live in a city (but I suppose I could easily figure that out thanks to Google Analytics) but I stumbled upon an interesting innovation:

Its called the MagicWheel.

I’ve read studies (and will post links here when I can find them) that show that riding a bike in a city is a much more efficient use of time and energy. Specifically, eliminating the need to find a parking spot leads to time savings as much as 5 min over a three mile range; plus, this doesn’t even include the saving of environmental impact due to carbon emissions.

BUT, anyone who lives in a city also is very aware of the risk entailed with leaving a bike outside–even locked up with the most expensive Kryptonite Lock is a major risk.

Here’s enters the MagicWheel; here’s the specs off the website:

MagicWheel features:

  • Weight: 6.3 KG
  • Max Height: 29 inches
  • Wheel Dia: 26′ / 20mm
  • Rear direction wheel:125mm x 25mm
  • Wheel used: Professional sports wheel
  • Frame: High quality reinforced ABS plastic
  • Colour: Black & Red
  • 90 days warranty, tool kit & user manual included
  • Rider Weight: Maximum 110 Kg

That’s definitely small enough to fit under any desk or into any nook within an office or restaurant/cafe. Gone are the days of kicking yourself over not having insurance for your $3,000 bike that’s only used for getting around town that was just stolen while you were in the restroom of your favorite cafe.
Here’s a video for you to take a look at, as well as a few others you might want to see.


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