High Heels Have A Future After All (with Crocs)

Crocs, a Boulder based shoe company, began as a niche item for kayakers (they’re light and they float) and were soon adopted by gardeners, chefs and hospital workers. The first edition of the shoe, although hideously ugly, has become an icon up there with the Birkenstock.

The key to Crocs’ success is not necessarily their unique look, but rather their comfort appeal. An ergonomic footbed reduces leg and muscle fatigue, and the foam-like material they’re made out of moulds to the shape of your feet with a little time and body heat.

Crocs is now branching out into new shoe genres, from boots, flip flops,and yes, even heels! I can hardly contain my excitement! Call me crazy, but these just may be the shoes I’ve been waiting for. They’re not four inch stilettos, but hey, baby steps!

crocs wedges heels

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