High Heels: Here to Stay?

My post on the ergonomic nightmare of high heels if one of my most popular and controversial.  I think it is time for a response from me.  This passage in particular has gotten the most negative response from people who love high heels and think they look great:

I would be perfectly happy if high heels were banned from this earth. High heels really do not serve any practical function, and they only look good because we have established a standard of fashion and beauty that says that they do. What if we decided that a woman’s foot perched unnaturally atop a teetering platform on a stick did not look good? We no longer think that foot binding is a good idea, so there is no reason why we couldn’t change our minds about high heels.

I concede, high heels DO look good and make your legs look good.  But can you disagree with me that sneakers are more comfortable than high heels?  Women’s fashion seems to follow the mantra of “form over function”, whereas men’s clothing follows the opposite.  Men’s fashion is consistently based on practicality and comfort over sex-appeal (except for the occasional g-string). Why is this?
Modern women are no longer (not that we ever were) merely ornaments to be decorated, bound, and tied up in bows. Why do we continue to accept this perspective when it comes to fashion?

For all those high heel fanatics out there…go ahead and wear them.  The higher the better.  While you’re young and varicose-vein free, you will look great.  But after a while, a die-hard heels fan’s heels will inevitably suffer (as well as her back, legs and feet).

But hey, whatever floats your boat!

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