iGallop: Ride Your Way to Better Health

The iGallop ($400) is a funny looking ‘exercise machine’ available at Brookstone designed to give its users an excellent workout by simulating the action of riding a horse.


The principle of iGallop is actually quite similar to the principles behind sitting on an exercise ball. The iGallop moves in a ‘tri-axial riding action’ which activates your core muscles as well as your hips, butt, and thighs as your body naturally tries to balance against the movement.


If you’ve ever had the guts to get on a mechanical bull at a country bar (yes, I have), you will agree that as silly as it sounds, riding mechanical beasts of burden can give you a real workout.


If the iGallop really works, I can imagine it being applied to the walking while working movement. Sitting on the iGallop on a low speed while working on the computer may actually be more practical than the treadmill idea. Hmmmm…what would ergonomists say about that?

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