Investing in Next Generation Technology to Rival Status Quo NEVER A Waste

Aside from being in control of a company just purchased by HP for more than 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS CASH, has Mr. Anderseen taken a dive off the deep end?

In this recent post, he sites an AP article claiming that the German government is investing in a next-generation search engine. He titled his post, “And way off in the distance, $165 million is tossed into an incinerator…”

Obviously, Marcie-boy doesn’t think that Google can be stopped. It may be that one of the masterminds of Netscape and Ning (not forgetting Opsware) thinks that Google runs king. As for how we interact with information, Google is a far cry from being the ruler. I’m surprised that someone so successful doesn’t recognize that just because everyone uses it, doesn’t mean it’s the best.

As for how we interact and find information, I’m sure there will be better solutions for searching available down the road. Really, something that can make sense of video is desperately needed but ‘teaching’ a computer how to recognize what it sees is no simple feat. That’s certainly one of the major challenges for developers now. I can think of more than one company that is exploring this as-yet unconqured territory. If Google was such a success of simple text searches, I can only imagine how “powerful” the company that masters Video Search will be…
So, Mr. Anderseen, is it really money down the drain?

Besides, didn’t you just get even richer than before because of a buy-out?

Meaning, if Goliath always rules, why did HP just purchase little ol’ David?

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