Key Ovation Releases Its First Apple Compatible Keyboard

Today Key Ovation announced the release of its first Apple-compatible keyboard….what took so long? Not enough demand.


Key Ovation’s Goldtouch line of keyboards (reviewed by Alex Charish) is now the preferred alternative keyboard for many Fortune 1000 companies. This “really brought home the importance of providing both Mac and PC users a solution for working more comfortably” according to Christopher Lowe, Director of Sales at Key Ovation.

So why is the Goldtouch keyboard so popular among companies and why has it received attention by ergonomists? Not necessarily because it is the best ergonomic keyboard out there. I think it has more to do with two factors: 1) it is cheap, and 2) it is similar to regular keyboards.

Some of the most revolutionary ergonomic input devices (keyboards) will sadly never become “preferred alternative keyboards” of large companies because they are expensive (but only because of lack of demand) and they ARE NOT similar to regular keyboards. But regular keyboards suck.