Micro Compact Home: Can We Live in a Box?

A team of researchers and designers based in London and at the Technical University in Munich developed the Micro Compact Home as an answer to an increasing demand for short stay living for students, business people, sports and leisure use and for weekenders. Living in an m-ch means focusing on the essential – less is more. The use of progressive materials complements the sleek design. Quality of design, touch and use are the key objectives for the micro compact home team.

micro compact home

Driven by demand for living spaces that fuse environmental-friendly technology with space-saving characteristics, these living cubes are for those looking for a portable or semi- permanent accomodations, without compromising on luxury.

It is highly energy-efficient, since its small air volume that allows the space to be cool or heated very quickly and at the same time. The unit is also almost entirely recyclable.

The Micro Compact Home was first launched in Munich in November 2005 with the development of a case study village sponsored by O2 Germany, which is currently occupied by students of Technology University Munich.

micro compact home

The m-ch can be delivered throughout Europe and will soon be available in US as well.

Features of the Micro Compact Home:

* two compact double beds, each measuring 198cm x 107cm, with covered cushions
* storage space for bedding and cleaning equipment
* a sliding table measuring 105cm x 65cm, for dining for up to five people
* flat screen television in the living/dining space
* a shower and toilet cubicle
* a kitchen area
* thermostat controlled ducted warm air heating, air conditioning, water heating
* fire alarm and smoke detectors


How well will the micro compact home do in the US? Where will it be used? Somehow, I am having trouble picturing it…

Nevertheless, I think it is important to consider alternative, more resource-efficient ways of living. Do we really need to live in 5000 sq foot houses?

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