Mouse Gestures: The Ergonomic Firefox Addon

Mouse Gestures is a Firefox Addon (a free application that works with your Firefox browser) created by Optimoz to help users streamline common Internet browsing actions such as opening/closing new tabs, windows, and links, scrolling, going forward/back a page, and many more. The basic principle is, by creating shortcuts for repetitive moving and clicking actions, your wrist and fingers move less, thus helping to cut down on repetitive motions that can cause injuries. The problem with this program, as with many ergonomic products, is the learning curve. Most computer related actions are so automated in our muscle memories that it can be difficult to learn to interact with the computer in a totally new way.

So far, I have found Mouse Gestures to be an interesting application with time saving potential, but it is difficult to get used to all the shortcuts and I am not convinced of its ability to prevent carpal tunnel (not a claim that they make, by the way). On the other hand, I am a Mac user and the creators made the application more friendly for Windows and Linux users. I would be interested to hear from other people who have used Mouse Gestures on these operating sysems.

How to install and use Mouse Gestures:

1. You must first install the Firefox browser (it is free and worth it!)

2. Then install Mouse Gestures

3. Restart Firefox

4. Go to Optimoz to learn how to use Mouse Gestures

5. Go to the Mouse Gesture Extension to adjust preferences and read FAQs