Office Ergonomics: What is the Right Fit?


Blog Post (and above comic) from Ok/Cancel:
I have really bad posture — pretty much since the Apple IIe. Thus, over the years I’ve tried to remedy the problem with fancy configurations and chairs (including the one in panel 2), and nothing works. The problem is that I want to move, but ergonomic setups give me the sense that I shouldn’t. As soon as I do move, I’m on the slippery slope that will end with my shoulder blades nestled against the lumbar support.

I think a large portion of the problem lies in the hardware. We need to invent ways to sit still because our computers sit still. And while laptops bring us a little ways toward goodness, they still have eyestraining screens, and when you use them you still essentially sit still. The other difficulty is that the physical spaces, the established history, and the social norms of work all point to sitting at a desk all day as being the way that work should be done. So it’s a tough one. To fix these problems we’ll need to employ a tried and true method called “just make stuff up”.

Let’s brainstorm on how to change the workplace to eliminate the “sitting in one spot for 7 hours a day” problem…

Full article and Comic on OK/Cancel

I totally agree with the guys at OK/Cancel, we do need to figure out a new way to work. Humans are not meant to sit for so long. Why do we keep forcing ourselves to sit, when all we want to do is get up? All I can say is, try an exercise ball as a chair…I swear by it.