Opel Astra Design Flaw

Rowan Manahan writes on This is Broken:

So there I was, ready to buy a spanking new Opel Astra convertible for my wife. She had the Hermès headscarf and the Jackie-O sunglasses all ready for a test drive.

The Opel salesman couldn’t have been better informed or more courteous. He went outside to demonstrate the roof dropping for us prior to our test drive, wittering on about the unique “folding hardtop” action.

opel astra twintop

Now, I live in Ireland, where it rains between 150 and 225 days per year and, sure enough, it had rained the night before. So when the salesman hit the button on the remote to drop the roof, it pitched up and then gracefully folded itself back into the boot/trunk of the car – but not before dumping about 3 pints of water on the front seats … I have never before seen a car salesman with NOTHING to say. Not a syllable. I just can’t wait to hear some marketing person from Opel describe this as a “Feature” …

You’d think after filming this commercial, they would have discovered the problem…

And why don’t these car reviewers mention the Twintop’s fatal flaw?

Set to be introduced at the Frankfurt motor show next month, and released to the motoring public in spring 2006, the four-seat Astra TT sports a three-part steel hardtop that can retract in 30 seconds — using principles of a science engineering types like to call “kinematics.”

World Car Fans :
Thanks to its innovative electro-hydraulic steel folding roof, this convertible model is flexible and does not have to be banned to the garage during the winter months.

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