Remote Control, How Did We Live Without You?

A while back I was complaining about remote controls because of lack of standard design and poor usability. Although I still feel my compaints are valid, Bill DeRouchey’s post on History of the Button saluting the inventor of the remote control made me realize that it is a revolutionary invention with ergonomic benefits worthy of appreciation.
For better or worse, the television would not be what it is today without the remote control. I would go further to argue that the lack of remote controls for computers is the missing link preventing them from surging ahead of TVs in terms of our entertainment consumption.
Robert Adler, the inventor of the remote crontrol, died on February 15th at the age of 93. The remote control was the first truly wireless device in the home.

Besides inventing the remote control, Adler amassed over 180 patents in the fields of communications and electronics during his lifelong career at Zenith.

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