Steelcase Treadmill Workstation — Office of the Future?

I wrote in the past about the “walking while working” movement composed of a small but growing group of people abandoning their desks for a healthier alternative– a workstation jerry-rigged to a tread mill. 

You just may be able to get a treadmill-workstation at your local office supply store sooner than you think. Steelcase designed Walkstation, available for purchase from their website for just over $4000. The Walkstation features:


  • Integrated treadmill and desk to keep you moving while you work
  • Display console shows speed, calories burned, time and distance, display can be visible or stored
  • 2.0 mph maximum belt speed
  • Motor designed to withstand the rigors of slow speeds and possible higher weights for long periods of use
  • Whisper-quiet for the home or office environment
  • Sit, stand or walk and work with the Sit-to-Walkstation
  • Included: Treadmill and Series 7 Adjustable-Height Desk

Series 7 Height-Adjustable Worksurface

  • Height adjustment on the treadmill key pad
  • Worksurface optimally sized for limited reach
  • Rubber front edge of surface spans entire front edge for safety and working comfort
  • Note: Slatrail, Cableway and Monitor Arm sold separately


walkstation treadmill steelcase

Reviews of the walkstation treadmill desk are very positive. One person said:

Our workstation was added to our office almost a month ago. Immediately, I started using it. I started first with 30 minutes a day in the afternoon and now I am up to 60 minutes. I love it! It gives me a break from my desk and the minimum time I need 5 days per week to stay active. So far, I have shed 5 lbs. When you just can’t find the time to exercise away from the office, then this is a great solution — not to mention bonus to employers for their employees!

It seems like a great idea to get one or two in an office and let people take turns. This would be practical and affordable for any company, and provide employees an easy way to take a break from their desks and get exercise without any loss in productivity.

walkstation treadmill desk

The question is, will companies allow their employees to use such workstations?  Are they practical for current office space layouts?  Will HR departments deem the benefit worth the cost?  What about the risk of injury? Will Human Resources view the treadmill workstation as a risk to occupational safety, or a great addition to a more ergonomic office environment?

I’m excited to see how this all plays out — are treadmill workstations the wave of the future, or are they destined to go the way of many other revolutionary ergonomic products (just too different to be widely accepted in the average workplace)?

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