The Dvorak Zine: Learn about Dvorak the fun way

I recently stumbled on via HobbyLobby, and I just have to share. Dvorak is an alterntive keyboard layout (as opposed to QWERTY), that is easier, more efficient, and can potentially prevent injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. Why don’t we use it? You’ll have to read the 24 page Dvorak zine to find out. Written by three old college friends and Dvorak enthusiasts, the zine is divided into 3 sections; the history of the typewriter and keyboard, what Dvorak is, and how to get started learning and using Dvorak.

dvorak zine

I discovered and learned about Dvorak several months ago while doing research for this blog.  The DVZine is definitely the most fun Dvorak resource out there.  It’s is clever, funny, and well done (see sample above).  I think it would make great elementary school reading material.  Kids should be learning Dvorak instead of QWERTY, before it is too late!

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