The Ergonomic Mouse Pad for Men

I recently came across the Chest Rest, a mousepad with an ergonomic gel wrist support in the form of well…a woman’s chest. The Japanese company offers a line of mousepads featuring an array of well endowed Hentai babes that just might appeal to a certain subset of the mouse clicking community.


The website claims that “carpal tunnel accounts for 50% of work-related injury and a significant portion can be attributed to repetative motion disorder caused by frequent mouse use. Wrist injury can be prevented or reduced by utilizing a properly designed ergonomic mouse pad.” True… I’m just not sure the Chest Rest is a good example of a “properly designed ergonomic mousepad, ” and I am not convinced of its ability to prevent carpal tunnel.

Nevertheless, the Chest Rest is a unique product that just might be the perfect gift for the anime-obsessed technofreak in your life (maybe this is you).